Building Together

The funds raised from the ticket sales will be contributed to build Children’s Hospice in the Minsk region. Darya handed a donation certificate for 20,000 USD to the hospice director Anna Gorchakova and brought gifts for all little patients.  

"The Hospice Staff and parents understand the importance of health probably better than anyone else. The funds that have been raised through the organization of «The Legends’ Race» project is our modest contribution to the good job you do," - said Darya Domracheva.

The construction works of a new hospice in Borovlyany began last December. The new hospice will have spacious rooms (wards), special lifts, overhead lifts, and the kitchen area. The new hospice will be also a teaching one where young professionals will be trained to work with terminally ill children. The construction is currently at 85% phase.

Photo by Andrei Pokumeiko, BelTA