The powerful finals!

Let’s make a little recap. In the first race after the Olympics-2018 Darya Domracheva came out as the winner. The sprint in Kontiolahti that resumed the IBU World Cup appeared to bring gold for the Belarusian. However, it’s a no surprise if you make 0-1 at the shooting range and show the best speed among the participants.

«It was great to be back home where I could get some rest and regain my energy, and that’s why today I was on the track in a good competitive spirit», - Darya Domracheva shares her emotions. Well, if Darya’s emotions are most likely to be always radiant, her ability to get herself together after anything but simple Olympics is something worth marveling. Be sure that with such incredible wins you will often get a thought that she is much stronger that we could even imagine.

The next stage in Norwegian Holmenkollen where the biathletes moved to from Finland only confirmed that. Darya took silver in the sprint race, however what was even more important is the fact that Darya climbed from 5th to 3rd place in the season overall standings and was ready to fight for the Big Crystal Globe. Yes, it is the last but one IBU World Cup stage, but what a hot-shot! In the pursuit Darya grabbed gold, she was very pleased with her performance and soon after crossing the finish line even met the King of Norway.

Darya Domracheva: «Meeting the King of Norway was very unexpected but pleasant surprise. I had many races in Holmenkollen out of which there were many victories, however until this very moment there was never a victory with the King being present at the stands. So today I had an opportunity to meet the member of the royal family. It’s a great honor and privilege for me. It’s fantastic that the King of Norway is a huge sports fan who enjoys our biathlon battles».

The stage in Tyumen is another story, and it’s a beautiful one. In the IBU World Cup final when it would seem that strength is at the limit and one should just hang on there for a little bit more, Darya Domracheva - as if it was easy - with a smile and in style won two more gold medals in sprint and mass-start. «It’s an unbelievably tough season… season of challenges and negotiation… and it’s amazing that it ended on such a high note. I would like to thank everyone who supports me and who is always by my side!» - the biathlete wrote in her instagram.

+2 gold medals in Tyumen meant only one thing: in terms of individual wins the Belarusian biathlete now matches the record of the German biathlete Magdalena Neuner who at the moment of retirement at the age of 25 had 63 podiums (34-11-18) whereas Darya Domracheva has 81 podiums up to now (34-23-24). Most IBU world cup stage wins belong to Magdalena Forsberg who won 42 gold medals, 18 silver medals and 27 bronze medals.

In the 2017/18 season overall standings Darya Domracheva remained 3rd with the 18-point gap from the Finn Kaisa Mäkäräinen. Had Darya not have missed 5 races this season it’s no doubt that the final standings would have been different. However what’s the point of discussing something that is not there. It’s enough to say that Darya has the most victories this season and it’s super cool.

Bravo, Darya!