The Legends' Race

In the fall of 2014 three-time Olympic champion Darya Domracheva surprised everyone and organized a unique festival for her fans. It was an incredible way to say thank you to each and one of them for the support during the Sochi Olympics.  It was a year full of hard work and intense starts, Olympic glory and endless receptions, followed by physical and emotional exhaustion. However nothing could stop her. 

A year later the owner of the Big Crystal Globe trophy took it further and organized «The Legend’s Race»,  - a summer biathlon event featuring the world’s  famous biathletes who had already finished their career. The ambitious event will be held at «Raubichi» sports complex on September 12th, 2015. All the participants are kept secret but one; the commentator of the Legends’ Race will be none other than famous Russian sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev. 

«It’s a one-of-a-kind event not only for Belarus but of the rest of the world, - Dasha intrigues. - Nothing like this has ever been organized, although the idea was always lying on the surface. I am delighted to say that the race will be held at the biathlon center in Raubichi which has all the necessary conditions for such a representative tournament. I think an event like this will provide lots of opportunities for a brand-new start of the sports complex serving as a world competition stage. »

The event will be all day long and there will be something to do for everyone.  Among the activities the organizers named are Kids outdoor playground, musical jam session, street food vendors, souvenir shops, and special areas promoting our partners’ services & goods.