Let’s run the good race!

Hey there, you’re reading the «City biathlon with Darya Domracheva» blog, and today we will talk about what we have in mind for you besides summer biathlon competitions.

Just a quick reminder: the event will take place on September 13, 2014 @ Childrens’ Central Gorky Park.


Don’t you agree that Darya Domracheva performance in Sochi is still simply incomprehensible? This historic moment brought out so many questions and gave so much food for thought. Lets’ see… First of all, there are questions that pop into your head «how is it possible to win three Olympic gold medals in the same breath? », and «at what cost? ». Then there is pure satisfaction from the fact that a delicate, beautiful, bright girl had the planet bursting into pieces with her magnificent victory! And last but not the least is the fact that with her hard work and determination, her great results she raised the fast-growing problem of finding motivation. Every day, well, okay, maybe not every day but still many of us, humans, are faced with the problem of motivation. Such phrases as «I’ll start on Monday», «I’m having a black stripe of life», and what was that song?..  «All we are is dust in the wind…» are our faithful companions, and procrastination is our undercover… And here she is - glowing Darya waving all the way from Sochi, as if saying: «Be careful what you wish for, my friends! ». It is a total discourage, emotional drain and inspiration at the same time, because it gives everyone a chance to believe that nothing is impossible. Dreams do come true, but on one condition: you have to get up and actually do something and do it now, not tomorrow or on Monday! Do it now! 

So, enough lyrics from me and let’s get back to business. When we started working on the project, we decided on the instant that it should be conceptual and simple. There will be nothing extraordinary or superfluous, as the format itself is rather complex and diverse. We set three major goals: to hold a competition in summer biathlon, to raise the funds to help the artist Pavel Raschinsky and to engage kids into fun activities. We certainly needed to think big and come up with a great idea that will be later on loaded with different «fillings». And that idea was «Wings» with an inspirational project motto: «Spread your wings! ».


Dasha inspires! And it’s about time we spread our wings! Pasha who is under Darya’s wing is also an inspiration, but of a different kind. He inspires us with his great desire to live and to create despite all odds. Suffering from ICP he nevertheless draws his works with his toe. Therefore we came up with an idea to arrange some Draw workshops at the park as well as to hold an exhibition of Pavel Raschinsky works. 

Among his paintings you can find a «Winged Heart» that he made especially for this project and that will be used as event logo printed out on branding materials and t-shirts.  All the funds raised through this event will be addressed to Pavel’s family. 

Hardly ever we think about why life can be so unfair, - where a child instead of loud hearty laughter has tears and pain to overcome. We hope that such projects will get people to reflect a bit more and cherish every single day of their life.  

Kids Zone «Knopochka»

«Wings» became the main theme in planning kids’ activities as well. The playground will be spacious and bright so that little ones can play and have fun in a comfort. Trampoline, numerous rides, kids’ relay race and coloring books will be available to kids throughout the day and free of charge. The competition component is also there as we have designed a special 50-meter «angels’ race» for 4-5 year olds. Imagine, cute little angels wearing specially designed for this occasion wings are standing at the start while their mothers are at finish waiting for them to «fly» into their loving arms… Sounds great, isn’t it? So if your kid is up for it, then register him/her in advance (as we have limited number of wings) on the website www.knopochka.net, and receive your pair of snow-white wings, which later on he/she can color to make it stand out and be his/her unique uniform. In case the kids’ «сoloring party» will get dirty we have special protective suits. As for the race…Well, let’s run the good race, shall we?

So spread your wings and be our guest! September 13, 2014 @ Children’s Central Gorky Park, the festival starts at 12 pm.