From a sport fan on the couch into a biathlon fan!

On September 13, 2014 when everyone is celebrating Minsk City Day Darya Domracheva organizes a festive holiday for all sport lovers and citizens of Minsk. The all-day-long event will start at noon at Childrens’ Central Gorky Park and is claimed to be a multi-format one.

Starting from noon, the relays (men, women, mixed, teenage category, couples’ relay and family relay) will be held every hour. The competition is open for everyone – all you need to do is to make up a team and register (terms of registration can be found here).

The track will lie along the park and the shooting gallery will be located near the hockey school «Yunost».

The relays will include three 400-meter laps and two shooting rounds. For safety reasons the volunteers will monitor the traffic along the track. As for Darya herself she will turn into a biathlon fan shouting the words of encouragement. 

The park where the festival is organized was not chosen by chance. Having enough space for a competition part of the event it perfectly accommodates leisure, creativity and other zones that welcome everyone who wants to have fun and be creative. This is by far not all you will find there; Darya Domracheva and all staff members are very determined to make everyone feel comfortable and enjoy the day; therefore apart from all the activities mentioned above you will be able to engage in yoga practice, badminton, Frisbee, «take-a-bike-for-a-ride» while listening to good music. In other words there will be «food» for every mood.