"Darya Domracheva. Representing Belarus"

One day the leader of the biathlon national team Darya Domracheva picked up a video camera and started capturing the most interesting and fun things in her life as an athlete.  After her success at the Olympics in Vancouver (2010) she gathered on the editing desk more than 500 hours of material. It was a unique personal outlook of a bright athlete at the insights of sports world, at the life within the team, at her difficult journey to the first Olympic starts and World Cup podiums. Despite the fact that the film was mainly shot abroad, the plot is imbued with love for Belarus being perhaps the key point.

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The movie was released in december 2010

Scriptwriter, director 
The graduate of Mihail Ptashuk studio Maksim Subbotin is the winner of many awards at international film festivals including «Zolotoy Vityaz», and a member of the Youth jury at the Berlin International Film festival also known as Berlinare. 

Director of photography
Darya Domracheva, Maksim Subbotin

Subbotin Brothers (Minsk, Belarus) 

The Art - Documentary television movie

50 minutes

Russian or Russian with English subtitles

Original video format
Full HD

Interesting Facts
The movie was shot in more than 10 countries. It took around eight months to go through all the material and six months for editing.  The music featured in the movie is based on Darya’s favorite songs.