City Biathlon

From a sports fan on the couch into a sportsman! «City biathlon with Darya Domracheva» is another outstanding event that was cooked up and organized by the three-time Olympic champion especially for her fans.

September 13, 2014.

Children's Central Gorky Park (Minsk).

The event is open for everyone; however only those who sent their applications and registered in advance could participate in relay races (men, women, mixed, as well as relay for teen categories and family relay). The rule of the day: one relay per hour.

The geography of participants

The format of the event was organized in a way where sport, art and kids activities were perfectly aligned.

Kids Zone «Knopochka» (rides for kids, «angels’ cross-country»);

The artists’ studio (area for drawing, and art exhibition of the works by Pavel Raschinsky);

«Take-a-bike-for-a-ride» spot;

Leisure zone (yoga, badminton, Frisbee, shooting gallery);

Special areas promoting partners’ services & goods.

Attendance  3,000 people

The mission of this great project is not just to promote biathlon, increase participation and spectatorship, as well as develop new formats of the competition; but also to say "thank you" to all the fans who supported Darya during the Sochi Olympics by giving them the possibility to experience what it’s like to compete.

Sponsor funds raised during this event were addressed to Pavel Raschinsky – an artist who suffers from ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis) and who is under Darya’s wing.