Partner List

My current partners are:

  • The largest Insurance company in Belarus «Belgosstrakh»;
  • Sporting Goods Retailer «Skimir»;
  • Skiing Equipment Supplier «FISCHER» (skis), «Exel» (poles), «Casco» (eyewear/sunglasses);
  • The global payments technology company working to enable consumers, businesses, banks and governments to use digital currency -  «VISA».

I don’t treat the partnership in a very formal way. I’m interested in bright and creative offers, or some unusual campaigns. I consider sponsorship, as a project I am responsible for, rather than a boring contract with a list of obligations. I like to think that I’m not just representing a brand; I’m trying to promote it. Thus I always pay attention to good products, and happy to share my choices with everyone. 

Therefore, I only cooperate with the companies whose values ​​I share; and not all of the offers I receive can end in agreement.

In matters of cooperation it is important for me to maintain a balance, as biathlon and my goals that I set as an athlete will always be a priority.

BELGOSSTRAKH is a leading insurance company in Belarus that has 8 branches all over the country along with 119 representative offices offering a wide range of full-services.  The company works both with the legal entities and individuals. The brand’s philosophy lies in transparency, efficiency and individual approach.

BELGOSSTRAKH - Enjoy calmness!

Visa products help consumers around the world fulfill their unique ambitions every day

Visa Everywhere!

FISCHER is a dominating brand for Alpine and Nordic skiing that develops, produces and sells excellent sports equipment. 

The EXEL poles are reliable cross country skiing partners with a distinguished design and excellent quality. Whether you are a professional or an amateur you will get the most of it. 

CASCO develops its accessories in collaboration with the best athletes of the Ski and Biathlon world. CASCO eyewear is a multifunction, light and most comfortable accessory that protects eyes from all the types of UV rays, heavy precipitation and wind. 

CASCO - The style of protection!

I’m open for partnership and new offers and will be happy to cooperate with the companies that set the great goal just like I do. Together we can do so much more!

The main uniform is used at all starts throughout the season whereas the training and official uniform is used for press-conferences, flower ceremonies, autograph-sessions and other media campaigns. For further information regarding corporate partnerships and kit sponsorships, please see the contact details.