Partner List

My current partners are:

  • The largest Insurance company in Belarus «Belgosstrakh»;
  • Sporting Goods Retailer «Skimir»;
  • Skiing Equipment Supplier «Rossignol» (skis), «Exel» (poles), «Casco» (eyewear/sunglasses);
  • The Austrian Bakery supplier «Kornspitz».

I don’t treat the partnership in a very formal way. I’m interested in bright and creative offers, or some unusual campaigns. I consider sponsorship, as a project I am responsible for, rather than a boring contract with a list of obligations. I like to think that I’m not just representing a brand; I’m trying to promote it. Thus I always pay attention to good products, and happy to share my choices with everyone. 

Therefore, I only cooperate with the companies whose values ​​I share; and not all of the offers I receive can end in agreement.

In matters of cooperation it is important for me to maintain a balance, as biathlon and my goals that I set as an athlete will always be a priority.

BELGOSSTRAKH is a leading insurance company in Belarus that has 8 branches all over the country along with 119 representative offices offering a wide range of full-services.  The company works both with the legal entities and individuals. The brand’s philosophy lies in transparency, efficiency and individual approach.

BELGOSSTRAKH - Enjoy calmness!

SKIMIR is a sporting goods retailer that busted all the myths about the trainings being boring, difficult and out-of-reach. All kinds of sportswear, bicycles and race skis are available to its consumers.  

SKIMIR - For a better day!

Whole grain meal, wheat and soy meal, linseed, crushed grain, salt, spices, herbs are the main ingredients of the KORNSPITZ brand. The KORNSPITZ bread is made for consumers of Austria and 72 other countries taking care of their health. It is also approved by the Institution of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Vienna. 

KORNSPITZ – pleasure without regrets!

Icon of the past, symbol of the present, ROSSIGNOL, inspired by our roots and our exceptional historical heritage, has built the future every day. Another milestone in our brand's development is that we now have developed an authentically modern Mountain life style, with Hard and Soft goods for the winter and the summertime too.

The EXEL poles are reliable cross country skiing partners with a distinguished design and excellent quality. Whether you are a professional or an amateur you will get the most of it. 

CASCO develops its accessories in collaboration with the best athletes of the Ski and Biathlon world. CASCO eyewear is a multifunction, light and most comfortable accessory that protects eyes from all the types of UV rays, heavy precipitation and wind. 

CASCO - The style of protection!

I’m open for partnership and new offers and will be happy to cooperate with the companies that set the great goal just like I do. Together we can do so much more!

The main uniform is used at all starts throughout the season whereas the training and official uniform is used for press-conferences, flower ceremonies, autograph-sessions and other media campaigns. For further information regarding corporate partnerships and kit sponsorships, please see the contact details.