Darya Domracheva presented ski poles of her own design

On January 24, at the biggest sporting goods exhibition ISPO Munich (Germany), - Darya Domracheva in cooperation with the EXEL brand presented ski poles of her own design.

The newly-designed product EXEL Ultra Darya Signature is developed for professionals. The ultra-light ski poles with soft and comfortable wrist strap combined with beauty and technology resulted from the collaboration of Exel and three times Olympic champion in biathlon. Here is what Darya Domracheva has to say on this collaboration: «I am very grateful to EXEL for listening to the athletes’ requests and recommendations and thus improving the product. Nowadays the latest technical and therefore most effective developments are of high importance to all professional athletes. The way sports equipment functions is just as important as the way it looks. I suggested using white and golden tones for the design. The white color speaks for levity; it is the color of the environment that surrounds biathletes on snowy tracks, - places where I feel the best. The color of gold certainly speaks for the goal pursued by every athlete. Such combination in my view looks stylish and classy».