Biathlon Lessons

The students of the Republican State College of Olympic Reserve in Novopolotsk had a remarkably unusual practice today: Darya Domracheva who was visiting the College gave a Master Class in biathlon. Due to the bad weather conditions the necessary adjustments were done and the practice moved indoor.

The biathlon master was watching «her» students working hard at the technique, cheering, and making some useful comments. She was very happy to learn that the College rented the Snowmakers machine. «It’s a huge step forward as it gives the possibility to start training on the snowy slopes in the early November, and focus on the technique» - she commented. 

For the first-year students the Olympic champion conducted a rather intensive training using the TRX simulator, which later she presented to the College. It is known, that the good ski technique is based on the strong well built-up upper body, and therefore Darya shared some useful tips on how to use TRX Simulator as well as showed her favorite exercises that are set to form all the necessary muscles involved in the skiing process.

During her visit, Darya mentioned that back when she was a child she studied in a regular public school, and her passion for biathlon began after she went to the sports section. Perhaps that is why Darya was interesting to do the «sightseeing tour» around the College; she saw the College museum, lecture halls and even the student hostel. "I can say that I am very happy for the biathletes-to-be as they have loving and caring teachers. Despite the fact that these kids chose sport as their major and now invest all their energy into training they still have to be well-educated; and the teachers are doing a great job! »