Gold IN SPRINT and Bronze in pursuit
At the second stage of the IBU World Cup Biathlon in Hochfilzen, Austria Darya Domracheva claims the first victory in the new season in sprint race as well as bronze in pursuit.

Darya Domracheva: «By all means I'm happy that two competition days in Hochfilzen ended with podium. I can’t say that I’m tired that much, health-wise these two days were absolutely fine. The difficult weather conditions during the sprint race probably played into my hands. When you are distracted by secondary things such as the weather your body moves of its own accord and everything works out as it should be. Now my husband and I are going to Italy to have a high-altitude training camp, therefore we both will miss the stage in Annecy-Le Grand-Bornand and will be back for the competition in Oberhof».

Darya also admits that she has absolutely no doubts in the Olympic season preparation program she follows.

Darya Domracheva: «At the beginning and at the end of the preparation stage we always run special tests that allow us to see the clear picture of the work that has been done and thus to monitor the development of the competition form and its increase. This year my test results were great, that is why I have no reasons to question whether the chosen preparation program is right. I didn’t perform well in Östersund, however that had nothing to do with my competition form but rather with some technical faults of the equipment. These problems aren’t for the record, as I believe such issues should always be resolved within the team».