Fair Play weekend

The competition weekend at the 6th stage of the IBU World Cup that was held in Italian Antholz-Anterselva was a special one as Darya Domracheva received 2 bronze medals and billions of compliments and praises from around the globe. The bronze medal in the pursuit race was a result of the fair play performed by Darya Domracheva who accidentally stepped on the ski pole of her rival Dorothea Weirer and after that stopped and didn’t try to overrun her at the finish line. As for the mass start on Sunday it turned out to be a Gold one for Darya Domracheva; and that was just beautiful!

Darya Domracheva commented on the pursuit race in Antholz:

«I’m certainly happy that I reached the podium. I do everything step by step and my physical condition is also getting better from one race to another. I think that my training went successfully, and most importantly I managed to improve my shooting skills.

From my point of view it would have been unfair to battle at the final straight with an athlete who has only one ski pole, therefore I let Dorothea ahead of me. I could have overrun her, but it wouldn’t have been a great sportsmanship».

IBU Post-race press conference (Link here)

And here are Darya’s emotions following the mass start results: 

How much of importance it was to finish the stage of IBU World Cup right ahead of the Olympics with the gold medal?
I don’t think it is the main thing. For me it was way more important to feel confident on the track and on the shooting range, so that I can start the pre-Olympic training calm and steadily.

Can we say that the fate paid back for your nice gesture at the pursuit race? As Weirer missed the shots at the shooting range…
I never wished for her to miss those shots, it’s just a coincidence; but I’m very happy to have won the race.

Are you happy to become first here in Antholz?
I’m always happy to be the first. Antholz is a beautiful and very special place.

Was it tough to compete due to heavy snow conditions?
Yes, the race was very tough with difficult snowy conditions and to be honest my state was not very good. We didn’t plan for this race to be so tough; however considering the importance of this race I was particularly focused on the shooting. I never thought or hoped for the rivals to give me a chance; I was just doing my job the way I can do. After the 4th shooting round I saw on the big screen that the gap between Anastasia and me was just a few seconds and then I realized that now I need to give my absolute best.

There were powder snow slash on the trees out in the forest, was it intimidating?
No, it was not. Actually it was just the opposite. It reminded me of some catastrophe movies so I even experienced some sort of extreme in a good way.

How do you plan to recover after this stage?
Will go hiking, take up some fresh air and do some easy and light training sessions. It’s important to let off the competition heat.
Do you know what sportswear you will be in at the Olympics?
I suppose it will be of green color. Personally I look forward to seeing our Olympic uniform.

IBU Post-race press conference